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The Art of Artistry Choreography Camp

Meet The Staff


DeAvera Todd

International Coach Consultant, Choreographer & Clinician

Renowned as an international gymnastics coach, choreographer, and clinician, Coach DeAvera has left her mark in diverse locations, including St. Croix, Seoul, the Dominican Republic, and Spain. A former NCAA gymnast, she garnered accolades such as First Team All-American at both universities she attended. Coach DeAvera was a participant in the 1996 Olympic opening ceremony, showcasing her athletic prowess on a global stage. Beyond the gymnastics arena, she has graced the stages of Showtime at the Apollo and various gospel networks. Adding a cultural touch, Coach DeAvera contributed to productions with the Ballethnic Dance Company, featuring in notable works like the Urban Nutcracker and Leopards Tale. Her multifaceted career exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a rich tapestry of experiences across gymnastics, dance, and global performances.

Janay Honest

Former UCLA Gymnast, Current Choreographer & Dancer

Meet Janay Honest, LA native and gymnast extraordinaire, who embarked on her gymnastics journey at age 5 with dreams of donning UCLA's colors by 12. At UCLA, she soared to heights, becoming the 2016 PAC-12 Uneven Bar Co-Champion and the 2018 National Champion, securing a cherished senior-year scholarship. Post-graduation, she transitioned seamlessly into sports broadcasting with PAC-12 Networks, clinching an Emmy award. Ever dynamic, she redirected her focus to dance and choreography, leaving her mark in commercials, projects, and even making her debut in the box-office film "King Richard." Janay passionately nurtures her dance skills as a member of Cameron Lee's Mentorship, an intensive guiding her artistic growth.


Christina Callaway

Region 8 Congress Presenter, State of Georgia Clinician & Confidence and Mindset Coach

Meet Christina Callaway, a former competitive gymnast of 10 years, brings over three decades of expertise as the former Gymnastics Program Director/Head Coach at Athens Clarke Gymnastics Academy. A dedicated figure in gymnastics, she has served as a Region 8 Congress Presenter, State of Georgia Clinician, and a Presenter/Mentor for Brown Girls Do Gymnastics (BGDG). Christina extends her impact as a Confidence and Mindset Coach for Fisk University Gymnastics and Talladega College Gymnastics. In the entrepreneurial realm, she is the proud owner of Christina Callaway Life Coaching, LLC, an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accredited venture. As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach specializing in Mindset and Confidence, she also serves as the Performance and Mindset Coach for Fisk University Gymnastics, marking a milestone as the first HBCU Gymnastics Team. Christina's multifaceted talents extend to being a Speaker, Trainer, and Author. Armed with a BA in Leadership Studies, she is currently pursuing an MA in Licensed Professional Counseling. Her insightful book, "The Lost Skill Syndrome: An Athlete’s Guide to Discovering Your Mental Blocks, Increasing Your Confidence, and Achieving Your Goals," reflects her commitment to athlete development. In her coaching role, Christina partners with athletes, parents, coaches, and organizations to dismantle perfectionism, boost confidence, and achieve goals by transforming negative/fixed mindsets into positive/growth mindsets. With the motto "Life is only as good as your mindset," she facilitates true transformations both on and off the playing field.

Charity Baroni

Professional Dancer & Choreographer

Meet Charity Baroni, With two decades of professional dance experience, Charity graced stages worldwide on tours with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, and collaborated on music videos and awards shows with luminaries such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Maluma, Flo Rida, and more. In addition to my dance prowess, she’s ventured into choreography, creating routines for Shilese Jones, Konnor McClain, Emjae Frazier, and serving as the National Team dance instructor from 2018 to 2020. Originally hailing from Nashville, Charity made the move to Los Angeles in 2008, where she hustled and thrived as a background dancer for a decade. Returning home, she now share her vast experiences through choreography, teaching, and mentoring dancers. Beyond the dance floor, she’s coached artists in performance and connected with those seeking empowerment. Notably, she’s been honored to work with the USA Women's Gymnastics National and Olympic Team, serving as their dance teacher at national team camps, emphasizing the importance of movement, expression, and validating emotions.


Summer Nelson

Acro Dance Instructor &
Region 1/2 Camp Clinician 

Meet Summer Reid, a dedicated gymnast who embarked on her journey at the age of 4 under the guidance of her mom, a child psychologist. Initially drawn to gymnastics to channel her ADHD and overcome social anxiety, Summer discovered a lifelong passion. She seamlessly integrated ballet into her training for five years, shaping her into both a gymnast and a dancer. With a love for music and an innate desire to sing and dance whenever tunes play, Summer's vibrant spirit extends beyond the gym. Married for 23 years with four daughters and a pitbull named Thiago, she's also an accomplished gymnast with accolades such as being a 5-time Nevada State Champion, 7-time US National Team Member, and 2-time NCAA Balance Beam Champion and Floor All American. Beyond her personal achievements, Summer has left a mark in coaching and choreography, spanning various states and countries. Over two decades, she's coached State, Regional, and National champions in Idaho, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, and Montana, while also serving as a dance acro instructor and camp clinician in Regions 1 and 2.

Jeré James

Professional Dance Instructor
& Choreographer

Meet Jeré James, a dedicated dance professional with over 15 years of experience as an Instructor, Choreographer, and proud Owner of Inez Patricia School of Dance. From her early beginnings at age 4 to training with renowned institutions like Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City, Jeré's passion for dance has been unwavering. Despite earning a BS in International Business, she returned to her true love and founded her studio, Inez Patricia, named after her beloved mother. With a commitment to education, Jeré has inspired and developed over 500 students, leaving an indelible mark on communities throughout Central Florida. As a valuable member of society, she continues to positively impact youth of all backgrounds through dance, creating a space for growth, inspiration, and achievement. Witnessing her dancers thrive in both professional and collegiate programs has been a fulfilling realization of her lifelong dream.


Alyseia Darby

Professional Dancer & Instructor

Meet Alyseia Darby, a dance virtuoso who initiated her professional journey at 17 with Of Moving Colors Dance Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, under the guidance of Garland Goodwin Wilson. Armed with a B.A. in Physical Theatre and a minor in Dance from Louisiana State University, Alyseia began her aerial training, showcasing her talents in notable productions like Debbie Allen Productions’ “All The Right Moves” and “Derek’s Song,” as well as New Venture Theatre’s "Shout" and "The Color Purple." In 2016, Alyseia ventured to Atlanta, where she became the Principal Aerialist & Assistant Director of Element Circus Troupe, led by Derrin Moore. Simultaneously, she assumed the role of Principal Female Artist & Programs Director at Atlanta Dance Connection, directed by Allyne D. Gartrell. Throughout the years, Alyseia has embraced diverse opportunities, including teaching, traveling, training, and performing. Standout achievements include a solo opening act for UniverSoul Circus as an aerial ballerina in 2021-2022 and a dazzling debut awards show appearance with Cee-Lo Green at TV One’s Urban Honors Awards in February 2024. Alyseia's mission is deeply rooted in the pursuit of excellence and consistency. She leads with grace and strength, dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of sharing the gift of dance across all age groups.

Julia Spivak

Professional Choreographer

Meet Julia Spivak, a professional choreographer who has dedicated her career to helping athletes and coaches grow their artistic confidence in all artistic sports: gymnastics, figure skating, and artistic (synchronized) swimming. Gymnastics, in particular, has always been in front focus since she graduated from the University of Calgary Dance/Kinesiology program. Many years of experience and collaboration with high professionals in the field,  passion for elevating artistry in gymnastics, has led her to become a well-known Canadian choreographer for Canada National team and many Elite and Olympic athletes around the world. Founder and educator for Ballet4sports program for Artistic Preparation for coaches and athletes.

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