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DeAvera Todd

I specialize in empowering gymnasts, cheerleaders, tumblers, and exceptional athletes to excel in their sports. Through meticulous technique refinement, skill mastery drills, and injecting a touch of creativity into choreographed routines, I strive to bring out the best in each individual.

My journey began in Georgia, where I embarked on my dance career at the tender age of 3, discovering a profound love for performance. Despite financial constraints, my mother ingeniously facilitated my entry into the world of gymnastics. Today, as the Founder of Elite Talent Academy, I am fulfilling a lifelong dream by creating a program that enables young gymnasts to pursue their aspirations, regardless of life's challenges. Additionally, I travel globally, sharing advanced skills and drills techniques with gymnasts, athletes, and coaches.

My coaching approach is both nurturing and disciplined, providing a structured environment with an emphasis on enjoyment. Known to spontaneously break into dance moves, I believe that fostering a fun atmosphere is crucial. Beyond honing athletic prowess, my coaching philosophy extends to instilling vital social skills, promoting consistency, and cultivating a supportive team dynamic. Witnessing young athletes conquer physical challenges not only builds confidence but also inspires them to explore new horizons.

Ultimately, coaching goes beyond the realm of sports. My goal is to imprint enduring life lessons, fostering resilient individuals who carry the values of teamwork, encouragement, and self-belief throughout their lives. It's these profound lessons that drive my passion and underscore the deeper purpose behind everything I do.

Experience & Awards

  • International coaching consultant, choreographer, and clinician

  • Over a decade of coaching expertise as a USAG Compulsory, Optional Program Head Coach, and Program Director

  • Successfully led numerous USAG Level 3 - 8 State Championship Teams

  • Mentored and coached several USAG Level 3 - 10 Individual and All-Around State, Regional, and National Champions

  • Renowned for choreographing winning routines for state, regional, national, and international champions in beam and floor events

  • Trailblazer as the first gymnast in the Dekalb County School System to secure the All-Around Title at Southwest Dekalb High School

  • Earned 1st Team All-Conference honors at both Boise State University and the University of Illinois Chicago

  • Achieved NCAA Top 25 on Vault and Top 100 All-Around

  • Crafted captivating halftime routines for Gymdawgs pre-sale and NBA audition prep classes

  • Showcased talents on prominent platforms, including Showtime at the Apollo, the 1996 Olympics opening ceremonies, Ballethnic Urban Nutcracker, Gospel Network Channel, and noteworthy contributions to the Boys & Girls Club.

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