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Host a Clinic or Camp At Your Facility

Event‐specific, team‐specific, or gym‐wide skills and drills clinics tailored to the needs of your athletes and suitable for all experience levels. Camps primary emphasis on crafting an enjoyable learning journey for athletes.


Continuing Education for Coaches &

Curriculum Development

Learn how to safely train compulsory and optional skills, apply logical progressions and set your athletes up for success.

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Gymnastics & Dance Choreography

Individual or group beam, floor or fun dance choreography focused on originality, artistry, self-expression, presentation and showmanship. In person and virtual choreography available.


Personalized Training Sessions

Training tailored to coaches training, individual and group private lessons. Ideal for those seeking to elevate their individual training expertise.


Coach Dee came and spent a week with our athletes.  During that time she worked tirelessly with the athletes whether they were XCel Bronze or Level 9's.  She is quite good at organizing a practice and making every station meaningful.  She taught us lots of new drills that we have implemented that have helped the girls.  She also did choreography for several of our athletes.  Our state chair complimented the choreography at our first meet of the season!

I have also had the opportunity to watch Coach Dee's athletes in competition.  Her higher level gymnasts were phenomenal!  It was obvious they had excellent coaching.  They were strong and fit and their skills were amazing!

They don't make them any better than Coach Dee!

Becca Marson

Owner, Crystal Coast Gymnastics

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