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  • What levels/ages are allowed to particpate?
    All Level 4-10 (ages 7-18), Xcel Gold-Sapphire (ages 7-18)
  • Are coaches allowed to attend?
    Yes! Also, join us Friday for a coaches only session focused on teaching performance quality to your atheletes.
  • How much is it for coaches?
    It's $100 per coach, if you want to observe all days. Any coach that brings 5 or more gymnasts are FREE!
  • Will lunch be provided?
    No, please bring your athletes lunch. There will be a vending machine and some light snacks.
  • How long is the lunch break?
    The lunch break is 35 minutes.
  • Will athletes need grips?
    No, there will be no bars. However, please bring any tape, pre-wrap, braces, etc that your athlete may need.
  • Can I pay in installments?
    Yes. A Payment plan is available. The first installment is due upon registering and the final installment will be due April 15th. To inquire further, email:
  • Is there a cancellation policy?
    If there's an injury, death in the family, or illness, you can receive a half refund if communicated in writing 30 days prior to the event. However, closer to the date, payments cannot be reimbursed, and you will receive all products associated with the camp.
  • What is the proposed schedule and time for the camp?
    The schedule for the times will be announced and emailed closer to the event date.
  • Can a child sign up for the camp without their coach?
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